The mission for the Middle iOS Developer is to build and improve the products and services of the platform as a member of an agile team that serves carriers and shippers in the Vehicle Transportation Industry of the United States.


  • Collaborate on technical projects across teams within Super Dispatch.
  • Collaborate with engineers, product managers, and designers to tackle the interesting and challenging problems for building and growing an end-to-end (vehicle) shipping platform in the United States.
  • Be a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional agile team with its mission, comprised of a product manager, UX designer, a backend engineer, and a QA engineer.
  • Document, develop, refactor, deploy, and operate customer-faced mobile interfaces that serve Super Dispatch customers.
  • Implement new features
  • Communicate with QA and support to investigate and fix bugs


If you consider yourself an eager learner, a conscientious worker, and a thoughtful, kind, supportive human, you might just thrive at Super Dispatch.

To be successful, you will need a combination of problem-solving, technical, and communication skills. We expect you are:

  • Proactive - you act without being told what to do. You bring new ideas to the company.
  • Flexible/adaptable - you adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions. You cope effectively with complexity and change.
  • Move fast - you execute quickly and get things done.
  • Growth-driven - you seek growth in learning, efficiency, and celebrate wins.
  • Customer focus - you are truth-seeking individuals who can empathize with customers. You patiently listen and take feedback to solve problems for customers.
  • Communication - you can comfortably communicate in English (speaking and writing). You are able to share knowledge and experience with team members via documentation.

Minimum requirements

  • You have a good understanding of OOP, SOLID principles, Design Patterns, Data Structures, Algorithms, etc.
  • You have experience in Swift, are competent in Objective C, and can easily convert code between them.
  • You adhere to Apple's Swift API Design Guidelines when writing code and push other developers to conform to them.
  • You can code advanced UI designs in pure code using Autolayout without Interface Builder and Storyboard.
  • You can build a networking layer using URLSession, Alamofire, or AFNetworking.
  • You have experience with Async/Await.
  • You are confident in CoreData and can build database schemas, keep them up-to-date by doing database migrations, build queries, understand indexing and find ways to optimize them when you detect performance/threading issues.
  • You write good quality unit and UI tests.
  • You can write decent documentation.
  • You know when to use third-party libraries and when to write custom solutions.
  • You are a constant learner, you can pick up new programming frameworks and concepts quickly.
  • You care about quality and you know what it means to ship high-quality code and user interfaces.
  • You are familiar with and have experience with good engineering practices.
  • You have at least 1 app on the App Store.

Plus points

  • You have hands-on experience shipping improvements to customers: CI/CD, build tools.
  • You have hands-on experience growing and guiding iOS developers.
  • You have hands-on experience building data and file synchronization solutions.
  • You have hands-on experience building a Mobile Design System with designers.


  • Stock options to gain equity through the company's success. Vest monthly for 4 years with a 1-year cliff.
  • Unlimited Vacation (PTO). Employees are not limited by vacation days or hours they can take per year. Take the time you need to operate at peak performance. Unlimited PTO covers use for vacation, personal leave, personal business, sick days, and/or holidays.
  • Paid parental leave. 12 weeks paid parental leave is provided to give parents additional flexibility and to bond with their new child.
  • Remote/work from home friendly. Work from home or from your favorite coffee shop. We support our team in remote work.
  • Growth opportunities. It's important to us that the work you do for Super Dispatch helps you grow as an individual, no matter the role. We'll give you the opportunities and resources to develop new skills, take on new responsibilities, and grow in the direction that you want to take your career.
  • Gym membership. Super Dispatch covers the cost of a gym membership up to $40 per month. You can join any gym of your choice, anywhere that is convenient for you.